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This article, Abyssal Maw, is a part of the Nargaria universe created by Totalimmortal.

The Abyssal Maw is a rupture in real-space, causing an overlap with the dimension known to some as the Abyss.



Abyssal Maw

The heart of the Abyssal Maw

The Golden Age of the elves came to an end when the elf sorcerer Noruas began experimenting with Abyssal energy. He eventually found a way to enter the Abyss, but was unable to leave it. The elves used crude magick to tear him from the realm. What they did not understand was that the Abyss is not a mere place; it is alive, though not cognisant. So when Noruas was ripped out, the Abyss began to "bleed" energy into material space. This wound became known as the Abyssal Maw. 

Despite the elves' best efforts, their entire kingdom was destroyed by the Maw. It took the intervention of the Immortal to prevent the end of the world. He encased the opening in a magickal dome, sealing it within and preventing intrusion. 

Influence on the WorldEdit

To ensure nobody would ever unleash the power of the Maw, the Immortal created the Mawguard. They are an order of warrior-monks devoted to protecting the world from the fury of the Maw. 

One of the many things created by Abyssal energy is a rare metal known as aethacock. It is found only within a mile of the border of the Maw, and is used to fashion the Mawguard's weapons and armor.