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Unknown date

Forming of the Universe and the Welt

Birth of the races

Forming of the tribes, the ancient empires and the human nations

Collapse of the Cochogisian Empire

Wars of Darkness

0 O.E.

High Elves establish their kingdom

High Elves begin the counting of time

Imirian Elven tribes begin unting against the Pirm on Imir

39 O.E Dwarves establish the Dwarven Kingdom, becoming the biggest power of the North
46 O.E Imirian Elves conquer Eastern Imir while esablishing a republic
175 O.E King Ramavan of the Elves conquers Ravenia, Linalia and Sileria, submiting the human tribes and nations of the south to his will
211 O.E The Dwarves create a wide spanning sub-terrainian system of smaller settlements, which will later be become the seat of Dwarven culture
298 O.E King Navrian II of the Elves conquers the Western Shore, proclaiming himself Emperor
341 O.E Humans begin to revolt on Sileria
342 O.E Emperor Nuber ends the revolts on Sileria
360 O.E The Elven Empire begins explansion to the north
390 O.E

Rubenik of the Dwarves proclaims the Dwarven Empire

Cities start to grow under the Stromy Mountains

398 O.E Exactly 100 years after Navarian II`s souther expansion, Navarian III conquers the Lower Steppes and Northern Altwalt
419 O.E

Imrian Elves conquer all of Imir

All traces of the Pirm civilization are gone

520 O.E

Great war between the Dwarves and High Elves in the Higher Steppes and Glarian Tundra

High Elves engage the Orc tribes in the Red Canyons

529 O.E

Dwarves sign peace with the Elves

Majority of the northern human tribes fall into elven slavery

Elven armies pull out of the Red Canyon

552 O.E

Grand expansion of the Elves to the Eastern Steppes and Morvian Desert

Imrian fleet and army conquer the human tribes of the "Crescent"

554 O.E The two Elven Empires sign a treaty of alliance
599 O.E.

The Great Rebellions start

The Kingdom of Narvik is declared under the patronage of the Dwarven Empire

Imir sends forces to aid the High Elves

Dark Elves, after years of opression, raise a revolt in Cintra, capitol of Ravenia, thus helping the Ravenian rebels in their war

603 O.E

The humans of the "Crescent" rebell

Imir is no longer able to send aid to the High Elves

High Elves pushed back to Altwalt

Ravenia becomes a kingdom

609 O.E

The Kingdoms of Valeris, Hoebreh-Kessex, Southern Linalia and Southern Altwalt are formed

Economic crisis in Imir, republican system disolved, cast system established

616 O.E

King Hasso of Ravenia, aided by King Harold of South Altwalt and General Derketh of the Dark Elf Liberation Army take the greatest city on the world, Sonrah`viel, salughtering and pillaging it

Sultanate of Harion and the Emirates of Usbek, Kazzan, Lahir, Eryh and Haptar are formed in the "Crescent"

Narvik crushes all major Elven fortresses in the north

Elven Empire disolved, majority of High Elves killed or being hunted down

617 O.E

Narvik anexes the Eastern Steppes

Vladizapad region becomes a human kingdom, as does Zadrov on the Northern Shore

Sileria becomes a republic

After the death of Harold, King Hasso anexes South Altland and conquers Northern Altland

Ravenia and Valeris become empires

0 N.E

Counting of the new era (human era) begins

Prophets reveal the existance of the Maker, realms and the concept of rebirth, thus reforming religions and dogma

Great war between Narvik and Ravenia

12 N.E Peace between Narvik and Ravenia, Ravenia remains in controll of Altwalt
67 N.E The Kingdom of Heobreh-Kessex declares war on Ravenia
68 N.E

Ravenia wins the war

Hoebreh becomes a part of the Empire, Kessex remains a kingdom

140 N.E

Valeris speartes into Friot and Valenaris

Linalia is unifed as a kingdom

190 N.E War between Valenaris and Friot, Valenaris is joined by Ravenia, while Friot is joined by Linalia and Kessex
230 N.E Empire of Valeris again eastablished, Kessex becomes part of Revenia, Linalia is split up between the Empires
301 N.E Magic schools formed in Ravenia, making it the center of magical science
512 N.E

Surviving Elves start a rebellion in Altwalt

Narvik and Ravenia form the Knight Orders, with the aim to eredicate every High Elf with Crusades (Great Hunts)

525 N.E

Valeris joins the Crusades

Scatr`vonor units of the Dark Elves are formed and act united with the Knight Orders

570 N.E The Zadrovian Exploration fleets is sent to the Frozen Sea in the north, it never returned
642 N.E 

End of the Crusades

All centers of Elven groups in the forests and Lovrin Pass are destroyed

Froming of the Death Korpses of the Ravenian Royal Army

712 N.E Imir launches a war to re-capture the Crescent
713 N.E

Humans win against the Imir

Several elements of the Royal Imirian Fleet become pirates

769 N.E

Immense progress in magical theory

811 N.E

Ursan rebelions in Narvik

High costs due to the war for Narvik

Ursan Nation formed, peace signed

980 N.E Zadrov and Valeris, joined by the Ravenian Chamber of Scientists launches a successful expedition to the Northern Sea, discovering a great set of island, but also monsters
997 N.E

First incursion of the Darkness

Currupted cultists swarm Sileria

Ravenia ends it shortly after, while also anexing Sileria

1009 N.E

Catastrophy in the Dwarven tunnels

Dwarves learn of the existance of the Vorh

City of Kroxhaven is lost

The Empire of Narvik sends millitary aid

1032 N.E

Emperor Hordor the Great of Narvik conquers the Ursan Nation and the Kingdom of Valdizapad

The Empire of Ravenia expands over the Almar river, defeating Narvik

1051 N.E

Colonies eastablished on the island of Quen in the Northern Sea, citizens from all over the continent come there

Brotherhood of the Avengers (Vener`atai) is secretly formed with the goal to avange the falled High Elves and bring in the rule of the Imirians

1092 N.E The Sultanate of Harion conquers the emirates, afterward ingaging in great diplomatic realtions with Narvik and Ravenia
1108 N.E

Orcs unite under the banner of Chief Hlok, running amok on Narvik

Elements of the Death Korps sent to aid Narvik

1178 N.E

Ice Reavers swarm the colonies in the Northern Sea

Forces sent to fight them

Narvik fights the orcs back into the Canyon

1190 N.E

Another incursion, this time in Hortland in Ravenia

It is stopped shortly afterwards

1217 N.E

Birth of Karl, princ of Ravenia

1232 N.E Birth of Sigmar of Arhold
1234 N.E With just 17 years, Karl is crowned Karl XI, Emperor of Ravenia
1243 N.E Birth of Dener, bastard son of the Baron of Kerland
1262 N.E Sigmar of Arhold knighted by the Emperor Karl XI
1268 N.E

Murder of Ulfric, Baron of Kerland and his family by the Vener`atai

Dener becomes a target of the group, survives and sets of to stop the secret organisation

Dener of Kerland is given the title of Baron, after defeating the Vener`atai

Expetion of the royal navy to the south unviels another continent

1272 N.E

Dener, Baron of Kerland joined by Sigmar, Knight of Arhold and a party, sets of to unvocer the newest events in the northern sea

The awakening of the White Wizard is stopped

1320 N.E

Imirian vanguard lands on the northern part of the Crescent, the whole of humanity and the Dwarves are united in a war against Imir Commander Johan von Ipten and his company of the Death Korps are sent to aid the Empire of Narvik in the Red Canyons

Further expeditions to the New Land in the south are launched

1321 N.E

A counter attack is launched

1350 N.E

Peace signed with Imir

Imirian Empire pushed to East Imir

Rest of the isle of Imir becomes colonial ground

Ravenia discoveres and befrends the Harkon

Ravenian Harkonia formed, Ravenia goes deeper into the Souther Continent

1389 N.E

Urs again separate from the weakened Narvik

Karkut and the Free City of Shanla abandon Narvik

Karkut becomes a protectorate of the Sultanate of Harion

Shenla becomes a protectorate of the Empire of Ravenia

1391 N.E

Vladizapad declares independance

World War declared

Narvik, joined by Valeris, Ravenia, Zadrov and the Dwarves forms the Central Powers and fight the Sultanate of Harion, Karkut, Vladizapad and Urs

Minor incursions of the Darkness over the Welt

1394 N.E

War ended

Ursan Nation lost most of it`s ground, Karkut was returned to it`s old borders, Vladizapad becomes again a part of Narvik

The Sultanate loses much of it`s desert ground with Karkut attacking them

Templar order formed in Valeris and Ravenia to battle the Darkness in the Welt

1400 N.E

Extreme reduction of the presence of the Darkness

Great progress in magical theory and technology

Building of the Black Wall in the Southern Lands to protect them from the dangers of the Undead Waste