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Ankiri Emblem.

Ankiri Empire emblem

The Ankiri Empire was one of the three superpower states of Chenua, ruling the Southern countinent Ankiri. In the aftermath of the Unification of Chenua, the Ankiri Empire could no longer sustain its government and forced to disband and was then assimilated into the birth of the Chenuan Empire


Culure and SocietyEdit


The ancestors of the Osume family were one of the leading members of the first colonists to leave their homeworld and inadvertantly led to the planet Chenua. After using the last of their technology over the centuries, they were forced to search elsewhere among others to form a government of their own and founded the Ankiri Empire based on the mix Asian-European cultures. The decendants focused on the survival of their bloodline and maintain their beliefs as the strongest civilzation on the planet.

Unification of ChenuaEdit



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