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Arake Tutsuke
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Showa of Yunari, Khan of Karkun

Date of birth

Unknown, ancient times

Date of death

Unknown, ancient times


Saving of the Yunari,and settling them to the area of today`s Karkut

When Tutskuke Arake moved his people and saved them from the Doom, do you think he wanted them to be part of a nation ruled by northern brutes?

–Khan Jurabo, upon debating on declaring Karukut`s indipendance from Narvik

Tutsuke Arake was the last Showa (monarch) of the Yunari nation, a small island nation ruled by humans in ancient times. After recieving a message from his god about the comming Doom, he took his people and moved them to the Golden Plains. Here they took up new customs, becoming extremly dependent on horses, thus forming the Karkutian way of life. Arake is said to have died several years before the High Elves established their empire and expanded on the Golden Plains, enslaving the humans there. His successor, Genwa Arake (Arake Genwa), was slain, ending the Arake family (weather Genwa was his son or nephew is unknown). He is revered by the Karkutian as a great man, and was used as one of the backbones of the Karkutian nationalist movment during the Narvikian crisis.