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Lord Baaron Fawn

Baaran Fawn

Baaran Fawn was a soldier who faught alongside his fellow comrade and later emperor Talos Krayon in the Unification of Chenua. In his youth, he was once a soldier of the Confederate States of Karshen for a number of years before defecting the military. When Talos was given the title as emperor of the newly christined Chenuan Empire Baaran was given a title of lordship over his home country and a colony of his own for long years of servitude.


Tall, well built and African decent by his skin colour, bald or shaved. Mostly seen with a uniform.


Baaran shows some faith in his nation but unlike many Confederate soldiers he chose to defect after seeing many unneccessary violence in the Natural countries that refused to take part of the war. Carries a strong burden to free his home country from the corruption and closed to follow Talos who helped gave him a reason to fight, keeping his safe as he can in battle and looks out for his fellow comrads.