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The Chenuan Empire is an interstellar nation that was formed from the ashes of war and disasters of Humanity in the ancient times. The captial of the empire is located on the beautiful world known as Chenua.The original founders fled their ancestral homeworld and colonised a system with bountfiul resources and life to begin a new start for their civilization, centuries passed and have expanded throughout the galactic arm of the galaxy.


The Chenuan Empire is a democratic nation, ruled by the Emperor or Empress and a council of every state, colony and allied worlds in order to create a stable and strong system within their government. The Imperial Families who were the descendants of the founders who led their people from a near disaster from their homeworld may choose an heir to the throne but must go through tests and decisions to be a great leader of an empire and listen to the voice of their people to know of what can be done to build a better future. If that Emperor/Empress is unfit to govern a nation or bring it to disaster, then they must be removed and find a more suitable heir as the Imperial Council would take over temperarily.



There have been some traits of ancient earth religions still existed until they evolved into a whole new belief system. Before the rise of the Chenuan Empire, many believers say their ancestors were brought to Chenua by the beings they called the Avatars, a race who may have been a servant race of God to guid them to a new home to begin a new. With the growing number of evolved Chenuans with their angelic forms after the first emperor, they began to see themselves as the next step of human evolution and protectors of the innocent.



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Interstellar Age Edit


  • Farseers
  • Imperial Navy
  • Knights of the Order


The Chenuan Empire at it's current state has colonised several star systems in the few centuries, decided to seize their expansion to focus on resources they find on the colonies and planets under their territories to sustain their population. Some planets serve many roles for the Chenuan Empire: Agriculture, Military outposts, Penal colonies and Maidens


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