Here at the Creative Universes Wiki, we enjoy having a good time. But there are also rules that everyone must follow. 

Article Rules

Maintain a level of quality

This means that you should put effort into making your articles not suck. Don't just throw some garbage together and say "good enough". Not asking you guys to be Tolkien, but at least try to write well. 

Ask permission before editing someone else's articles

Self-explanatory. You wouldn't want some stranger messing with your work, so don't do it to theirs. 

Write original content

This should go without saying. This wiki is for creating new material, not expanding on existing universes. We don't want your Harry Potter fanfics or Star Wars alternate realities. 

Don't be overwhelmingly offensive

Most good storylines have at least some dirt to them, but try to keep a lid on it. Sex, drugs, violence, gore, racism, sexism, profanity, etc should be used with cautious precision. This means no pr0n or links to pr0n. 

Community Rules

No Hate

Sexism, racism, ageism, stereotyping, whatever. We don't want it. Just be cool to people. 

No Trolling, Flaming, etc

Taking things too far will only end badly for you. 

Admins Are Here

The administrative staff is here for a reason. They are right. If they are wrong, they will be demoted. But if you are not a bureaucrat, assume they are right. 

Punishment and Bans

The administrative staff will deal with each instance as they see fit, but here's a basic outline of what to expect:

  • Minor offense: Usually results in a warning
  • Less minor offense: Possibly another warning, 1-3 day ban common 
  • Major offense: Ban ranging from a week to a month
  • Unforgivable offense: Ban ranging from 6 months to permanent. 

Additionally, repeat offenses as well as frequent offenses will be punished more severely. A minor offense that may have initially received a warning may earn a month long ban if repeated frequently enough. 

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.