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On December 24, 1927, the first superhero made himself known to the world. Clad in black, The Whisper (Matthew Flynn) saved 24 people from a burning New York City apartment building. The public became obsessed with him, and it seemed that overnight the entire nation was talking about "The Guardian of New York". With his every appearance, The Whisper saved more lives and his popularity and influence grew. Throughout the following year, more heroes began to follow The Whisper's lead. The American, Soundmaster, and Lucky Lad became some of the most famous of the era.

While the American people were always appreciative of the aid of their superpowered protectors, many began to question their apparent (but at that time unspoken) refusal to fight crime. The New York Trumpet newspaper became the most outspoken critic of the "cowardice" of the so-called heroes of the nation. Though the heroes did their best to ignore such criticism, they were never fully blind to it. In 1929, Soundmaster used his power to track and murder a notorious serial killer that had been plaguing his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. The public was shocked, convinced that their beloved hero would have allowed the legal system to determine the fate of any criminals he caught. Even more troubled by the news of the killing was The Whisper, who had been an adamant supporter of superhero pacifism. 

I am, quite frankly, very troubled. As the first of my kind, I do feel responsible for this man's death. I'm sure many would say he was deserving of it, and cannot deny that his fate would have almost definitely been the electric chair. But it is not our place to make that decision. Nor should it be.

–The Whisper

Soundmaster was later sentenced to 20 years in a maximum security prison. 

Politicians within the United States government began to push the notion that superpowered individuals would only complicate and cause trouble for society. They also stressed that just as there are superheroes, there would also be supervillains in the approaching future.