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The Daemons of Tremble are a collection of monstrous creatures and aliens that most prominently dwell on the world known as The Dread. The other species of Tremble often refer to them by different names in their own languages, and they are a mysterious kind.

The daemons are often known for their variety and their sheer power, both physically and magically, but their origins and other information concerning them remain an enigma at large. Some believe them to originally be the guards and servants of the precursor race, while others think that they may be an experiment that turned against the precursors and now seek to destroy the rest of their creations, just to name a few theories about their origins.

However, despite being so powerful and mysterious, the daemons are also every bit as divided as the other factions, as rival covens of Daemons fight amongst each other for leadership, resources and territory. This internal struggle is part of the reasons as to why the Daemons haven't dominated the entirety of the worlds linked by the Tremble Portals, yet.


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Daemons are organized into groups known as covens. Each coven varies in size and power, and have different preferences in forms of magics, creatures and/or weapons, though their agendas still remain mostly similar in that they involve medium to large-scale destruction or chaos of some sort.

Out of the covens, there are three that are the largest and most powerful, and these three covens define the standard coven and daemon types. These covens are:

  • Coven Stygium - The Mindlords. Stygium has the largest cult following amongst all the covens, and some of the strongest water-based forces and influences over The Dread's seas and oceans. The daemons of this coven are often fewer in number and less physically-able in comparison to those of Ragnus and Nekryth, however, but are powerful mages and sanity-feeders. Coven Stygium mostly employs cultists and flesh constructs as their main soldiers and grunts, and is associated with water, fleshcraft, mental magic and cultism.
  • Coven Ragnus - The Firelords. Ragnus rule the more hellish and volcanic portions of The Dread, and have the most numerous and physically-able daemons in comparison to the Stygium and Nekryth, allowing them to employ powerful daemon troops en masse. They do not have a very strong cult following, however, resulting in their cultists finding better use as scouts and sacrifices. Coven Ragnus is associated with physical strength, rage and fire magic.
  • Coven Nekryth - The Plaguelords. The lands of the Nekryth are heavily tainted with death and diseases of their own making, and their daemons are powerful necromancers and plague-bringers. The Nekryth armies are commonly composed of undead creatures and disease carriers, and enjoy a fair amount of (mostly non-living) cultists and daemons. As such, Nekryth is associated with death, reanimation and rot.