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This article, Dragons (Algoria), is a part of the _Algoria universe created by Bluestripe the Wild.


Biology Edit

Dragons are, along with giants, the largest inhabitants of Algoria, ranging anywhere from fifteen feet to possibly thirty feet tall. However, there is no set height for dragons, seeing as their growth continues throughout the course of their life. Dragons' bodies are covered in thick scales, which serve as armor for them. The color of a dragons' scales come in a wide variety, including red, silver, black, gold, green, and other colors. Dragons' eye color is usually less varied and is usually limited to gold or green, but can sometimes be red, as well. All dragons are gifted with the ability of flight and their wingspan can measure as much as fifty feet for the largest dragons. In addition to being gifted with flight, all dragons are born with the ability to breathe fire. Dragons have a highly developed sense of smell.

Culture Edit

The dragons of Algoria are a very proud race and are fairly independent. Their empire, while under the name of dragons, was not truly an empire due to the fact that most dragons remained separated from one another. While they do not have an organized social structure, the mightiest of dragons, known simply as the Dragonlord, dwelled at a mountain referred to as Highmont.

History Edit

Dragons were one of the earliest races to inhabit Algoria, the only races preceding them being the trolls and giants. After entering Algoria, the dragons claimed the entire Western Coast, as well as the mountain range in the northwest. Once all the other races established their own kingdoms, they faced danger from the dragons due to their incredible strength. In order to rid themselves from the threat of dragon attacks, many of the other races of Algoria united and fought the dragons until the remaining populations posed no real threat. This is known as the Algorion War on Dragons. Those dragons that survived fled to the Western Isles or the uninhabited region of the Northwest reaches of the continent.