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This article, Dwarves (Algoria), is a part of the _Algoria universe created by Bluestripe the Wild.


Biology Edit

Dwarves, sometimes known as the "Children of the Earth" due to having been created by the Earth Goddess, are beings who greatly resemble humans with a few key differences. They are shorter and stockier than humans and elves, both male and female dwarves range from around four to five feet tall at most. Healthy male dwarves can weigh anywhere from one hundred and twenty pounds to around one hundred and seventy pounds when around four to five feet tall while healthy female dwarves can weigh anywhere from one hundred and five pounds to one hundred and fifty pounds at four to five feet tall. Despite their short stature, they are quite muscular, more so than humans, elves, and goblins. Their skin color is usually fair as well as a bit ruddy. Their hair color usually ranges from shades of red (with some variations of it) to nearly black in color. These two types of dwarves are known as red dwarves and black dwarves.

Culture Edit

Dwarven society is almost always lead my a patriarch of sorts, as women are given fewer opportunities than men according to dwarven tradition. Below the king are the lords, who each rule over a community. The oldest dwarves, known as the Greybeards, serve as a council of wisemen of sorts who consult the king or lords on certain matters of varying importance. Men in dwarven society are not expected to shave and doing so is frowned upon since dwarf men show pride in their beards.

While dwarf women are able to grow facial hair, they remain clean-shaven.

History Edit

When the world was first formed, the Earth Goddess descended from the Place of the Gods and took some dirt in her hands and molded it into the shape of a being. Now the High God had granted the deities beneath him the ability to create life from what he had made. So the Earth Goddess breathed the breath of life into the earthen figure she had formed. This is how the dwarves came to be. The Earth Goddess continued to make many more dwarves until there were enough to form a community. She then led her people beneath the surface world until she came to a place beneath a fire-spewing mountain. The Earth Goddess then showed them the fire that burned before them and taught them how it could be used to craft weapons, armor, and tools. This is how the dwarves became such skillful smiths.