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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Fasciria
Type Government Fascist Dictatorship
Technological Standpoint Advanced/Primitive
Powers & Abilities
  • Longevity
  • Infared Vision
  • Partial Accelerated Healing
  • Weaknesses Mortality
    Height/Length 5-6ft
    Status Alive
    The Fascirians are a race of beings that were first formed by Nazis who arrived to their planet in the year 1949. They are known to be a warlike race and have been in a civil war between them and anti-fascists that exist on the planet.


    Fasciria, before getting it's name was a planet that involved a primitive race that has been in a civil war for ages and that was about to escalate when a lost battleship of the old Nazi regime discovered the planet and what it had to offer. The Nazis prepared to set down on the planet. Once they landed, the Nazis were taken for gods by the crusading faction of the primitive race, so the Nazis decided to modernize the race and conquer their foes.


    When the beginning of modernization for the primitive race began, they were impressed with what results their new gods had bestowed upon them. One night in 1956, a handful of Nazis decided to equal the battle power of both armies, so they arrived on the territory of the other race and offered them the same countermeasures as their enemies. Once their countermeasures were made, the turn coat Nazis decided to ditch their former colours and created a new symbol to rally behind. Since their creation, both the Nazis and Anti-Fascists have been in a constant state of war.


    By the year 2436, the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom dispatched a fleet to patrol the quadrant and they came across Fasciria. The USS Warpstar was sent down and landed 10 miles away from the Nazi base. Aaron Carter and Claire Porter went out to investigate planet side where they discovered the Nazi base located in the jungle. They found that there was explosions and gunfire coming from the west not far from their current location and so they decided to go and investigate. Upon arriving, they noticed that both sides had the same weapons and same uniforms, however one side had the swastika and the other a white star. They decided to join with the white star and made their presence known to the Anti-Fascists by battling the Nazis. The I.A.F later joined in the fight which left the Fascirians all but defeated.