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This article, Giants (Algoria), is a part of the _Algoria universe created by Bluestripe the Wild.


Biology Edit

Giants are aptly named. They can grow anywhere from fifteen to twenty feet tall and possess incredible strength unmatched by any other race in Algoria. Aside from their unnatural height and strength, they greatly resemble humans. Giants can live for quite a long time, but have shorter lifespans than dragons and some high elves.

Culture Edit

The giants are a fairly divided people, but not nearly as much as the trolls. The two groups of giants are those who live within the ancient citadel known as Wessenwall and those who are nomadic. The giants of Wessenwall are highly civilized, far more so than their nomadic counterparts.

History Edit

Giants originally lived among the gods in the Place of the Gods, but were beneath their masters in status and power, having been created as servants for the gods. After the creation of the universe and the mortal plane, the giants expressed their desire to leave the Place of the Gods in order to live freely in the mortal plane. The gods initially disapproved of this.