Grozh zra Morgoth
639 max


Bloodletter, Vaqurion

Date of birth

Unknown, born under a "dying star"

Date of death



Orc clan Cessex, Cochorgisian 1st Legion


First and last orc to become a high officer of Cochorgis, won several battles against the Aundin, orc legendary hero

What ever he did, those damnable filthy vermin still cry his name in battle, ages later.

–Julius Fenerbach, while in the great shrine of Grozh

Grozh zra Morgoth bah Cessex Vonurhg`aptel (Grozh, son of Morgoth of clan Cessex, Field Burner) was a orc hero in service to Cochorgis long before the elven times. He is noted as a great warrior and a good tactician, tho, as it is with all his kin, he was a poor strategist. Unlike most orcs, who are simply burned, his ashes were stored along with his armor and weapons in a cryt, along his fellows. This was propably done on the order of his Atharh to whom he served as Vaqurion, as this is a typical Cochorgisian burial ritual. Weather he had any heirs is unknown.

Appearence and characteristicsEdit

He is said to have been a quite large and strong person, even for orc standards. He had warpaints on his face matching his legion`s colors (red and gold) and wore legion officer armor, being armed with several weapons. As a common orc, he spoke rearly, thus he gave most of his orders through his grelkin servant. He was quite bold in action, but also very loyal and brave, thanks to that, he climbed the ranks quite fast and reached something unthinkable for an orc, becoming a Vaqurion of a legion, a rank only topped by Artharh (legion commander) and Cocharit (warmaster).


He was under a comet, which the orcs refere to as "dying star", in their culture this is quite special. And he was indeed special, he became quite known through the clans, ending up being recruited by the Sons of the War God, a sect of orc warriors which fight for the greater interest of their god and their race. He was soon discovered by the Cochorgisians, who by then dominated most of the continent, including the Red Canyons. An officer of the 1st Legion found liking in him, thus he was recruited like many orcs before. They soon realised how special he was too, being of great aid to his commander. It is unknown how he became an officer at all, but the Battle of Goldgrass Field made him an Vaqurion, thanks to defeating a Aundin warhost with fire, earning him the name Field Burner (Vonurhg`aptel). He was amongst those under the Artharh Dequistis who charged at the heart of the Aundin Empire, where he died propably. After the victory, they returned his body to his home, where he recieved both an orcish ritual and an Cochorgisian.