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As we wonder further and further into the deepest parts of the forest, it feels like these trees as so ancient and varied in sizes. Then the earth shook, and what I saw amazed me even more, a walking tree with roots and so ancient and huge. Moving it's bottom roots like they were feet and eyes to see.
God of the forest by noah kh


Hamadraeya, also known as the Great Oak is an ancient deity that lives within the oldest woods of the Forest Realm. Known for it's wisdom and knowledge that goes far back at the time of creation. Hamadraeya wonders throughout the forests for as long as any could remember but is possibly after the War in Heaven, remains loyal to the Great Forest Monarch and allowed his body to become one with the forest and replace his original body.


Hamadraeya is based on the Greek mythological beings Hamadryad that live in trees much like the Dryads.