Step 1: Create a new page.

Step 2: Name the page "Hub:(universe name)" (no space between : and the first letter of the name)

Step 3: Copy the source code below and paste it in the "source" tab of your hub page. Pasting it in the "visual" tab will only make a mess. 


write a brief summary of your universe here


===Category 1===

===Category 2===

Step 4: Replace the fake information with your information. 

Step 5: Double check what you've written

Step 6: Publish the page. 

Congrats, you've done it. Treat yourself to something nice.


Type the name of your hub into this box and click Create new Hub to make the page. This allows you to skip steps 1-3.

This box can be used to create a new HubPage with pre-loaded sections, the Hub: prefix aswell as the standard-issue Universe template. Note: Do not place "Hub:" in the box and do not add a space at the beginning of the name.