This is a Hub for all things related to the Harukhar Steam Punk Post-apocalyptic universe created by OrkMarine, Vernichtung and Master Shadow Warrior


For a full list of all events in the Harukhar universe, please refer to the Timeline


  • Harukhar- The world in which the universe is set. Harukhar is split into 3 continents; Azeroth, Jrakos and Yegnar.
    • Azeroth- The largest continent located on the west side of Harukhar.
    • Jrakos- The smallest continent located on the southern side of Harukar.
    • Yegnar- The 2nd largest continent located on the East side of Harukhar.


  • Artaium Theocracy- An advanced faction that resides on the continent of Azeroth and is ruled by the being known as 'The One".
    • The One- An alien thought to be a god to the Artaium Theocracy, and rules them as head of state.
  • The Thalackz Anarchists- Having ownership over the southern faction of Jrakos, the Thalackz are a collection of hundreds of savage tribals and raider groups and now wish to conquer all before them with their overwhelming horde of warriors.
  • The Kranzak Confederacy- A faction residing on the continent of Yegnar, formed from the unification of 27 City States and is known to have the most powerful ground vehicles of the three factions.