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This article, Hub:Imitheos, is a part of the Imitheos universe created by Avetzan1 and Mr.Robbo.

At one point during the 22nd century the Earth started to go through a process known globally as "Spindown" where the Earth's rotation slowed down so much that one day was now 168 hours. Not only was the length of day changed, but due to the slowing of the Earth the oceans moved to the polar regions while taking the atmosphere with it. Points along the bulging equator raised to unbreathable altitudes while polar regions were flooded as the seas moved. The ecosystems had to change drastically or die off. Building civilisation nearly anew mankind had entered a strange world which forced them to adapt or be left behind.

As if this wasn't enough for the people of Earth strange occurrences started to happen. Certain individuals gained prowess and skill never thought imaginable. Powers over certain attributes, objects and people were propping up around the world as the already harsh situation was unfolding. With a changed harsher Earth and super-powered people turning up mankind is facing it's worst problem yet.

Welcome to the world of Imitheos!


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With the rotation of Earth slowing down the oceans moved to polar regions along with the atmosphere, restructuring the landscape as we know it. With the long deserts of the equator and the flooding of the far north and south, locations had to change. Migrating people made new homes in previously underwater places at coastal regions and this is the result:

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Imitheos Example 1


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Imitheos being set in the 22nd Century has had a menagerie of new events, people and locations around. With this timeline everyone can track the events of the past and present with ease.


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With another century of advancement than our own the world of Imitheos has many new technological achievements and drop-backs which have manifested themselves.


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The emergence of superpowers has left many confused, bewildered and in awe. Out of those people some of them have managed to gather together databases of powers, the people with them and how much of a threat they are to other individuals.


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Every individual has a story to tell. Everyone is important on some level, whether it is only to influence others or affect the world as we know it. These are the characters of our stories.


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These are the stories of our characters. Detailing events of the world and people's lives in many different places.


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This section details the references and other details made by the world of Imitheos and it's creators.