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In the new world of Imitheos there are many different locations. With the changed geography of Earth because of the slow rotation many countries and nations were ditched, destroyed or overthrown. As a result there are no true nations over expanses of area, but rather city-states and towns confined to their own laws.

Many of these cities and towns are located at the coastal regions of the mega-continent that stretches around the equator.


The Badlands takes up a large portion of the landmass available on the stretch of equator as it is mostly in a climate which is hot, dry and with thin atmosphere. This comes from being bulged out on the Earth's crust and the atmosphere going more towards the polar regions with the oceans. All of this has come together to produce a rather inhospitable area which few dare to punish others to go to, nevermind go themselves.

There are a few sections of the badlands which have populations in them, but they mostly reside around areas of migrating flocks of large birds and other hardy animals.

The Badlands also hold connections between the southern and northern regions through many transit lines that go above the ground and under it, mainly through the use of pressurised vehicles.

City StatesEdit

City States are regions of several settlements led by the same law and government body, which is usually placed within the largest or most central settlement.


Settlements are any areas which have a permanent population with constructed buildings.


Main article: Hub:Imitheos/Locations/Ica

On the great cliffs of the West-South American drop there lays a settlement hanging off of the rocks and cracks themselves. Built into the wall is a sprawling community that is thriving with many people.

Hervdan TownEdit

Main article: Hub:Imitheos/Locations/HervdanTown

Hervdan Town is a settlement that fits between a fork in the Talios River on the North side of Atamaca Bay.

Geographic locationsEdit

These geographic locations are the natural world on Earth. From deep ocean trenches to the high rocky mountains and vast deserts of the world.