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Here you will find links to all of the stories set in the world of Imitheos and a small description of them underneath. They will be organised alphabetically.

Dear PlumEdit

Dear Plum

Insanity is but a label which,

the idiots place on others they hate.


Hub:Imitheos/Stories/Lonely Coming to at the scene of his family's murder Richard Morpheys has no other option but to run and hide.


Mr.Hales Emmanuel Hales, an entrepreneur in the 17th century, is about to set out on a journey across the Atlantic which will change his life forever.

Nuvancouver CallsEdit

Nuvancouver Calls The first story set in Nuvancouver. Grey reluctantly has to share his world with other people like himself, and learns that his abilities mean more than just foiling petty mischiefs.