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The Powered-Equality Movement, often transcribed as PE Movement, is the movement of rights activists of "powered" individuals to get equal rights on a global scale.

Co-founded by Amelia Forgrove and Karrisk Trevors both from Exodus. These two have gained a large following through a memetic war and protests to get equal rights for "powered" people who need similar care and treatment just as much as other "non-powered" humans.

The movements started after attacks on Amelia Forgrove where not allowed to be brought into court for various legal reasons that involved the discrimination of "powered" individuals. Many protests later they have been given a chance by some city-state governments such as Exodus (which is up for debate) and many other cities.

Cities accepting the movementEdit

  • Reunion - Accepted the movement, though bias as all government leaders and powered.
  • Nuvancouver - Accepted the movement due to an extended meaning on certain human right laws.

Cities declining the movementEdit

  • NeoTokyo - Declined the movement and has continued experiments into the genetics and biology of "powered" people.

Cities indeterminate to the movementEdit

  • Ica - Leaning towards acceptation, however a final statement has not been issued.
  • Exodus - Indeterminate as the population seems split down the middle on the matter.