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Insurgency is the story of a war between man and technology set in Chicago,after the congress messed up largely.


When the Congress of Chicago, realises that crime is at a all time high and that the human police force aren't doing anything they create, The Arcadia a AI system that controls Traffic Lights, CCTV cameras and other electronics as well as the New Cyborg Police Force and that lives in the heart of City hall. The Arcadia then goes haywire and kills the congress when they mock all of his ideas and take credit for his good ones. The Arcadia then becomes a controlling Monarch and makes strict laws about thinks causing humans to rebel against him.


In the Universe of Insurgency there are 5 main Classes 6 if you count the Generalist also called the All Rounder all 6 together make a type of team.


A Blaster is the type of person you call when you need to blow things up, Blasters are good with hotwiring and Explosives. The Blaster is also good when it comes to loading planes and tanks as well as other guns and weapons with Ammo.


A Bruiser is the type who drive tanks and use heavy machinery e.g. RPGs,Mini-guns and Turrets, Bruisers are good with driving trucks mounted with Turrets. Most bruisers are skilled in driving and flying and they are usually asked to cover their teammates while they're being shot at.


A Infiltrator is the type that are good with breaking and entering without being caught they are good at hand to hand combat and are also very acrobatic. Infiltrators also were colour coded suits that match the type of mission they go on but usually where black with tints of purple.


A Scrapper is the type you would call soldier, they use hand to hand combined with smaller guns e.g. Submachine Guns,Assault Riffles,Pistols and Melee weapons. Scrappers are most seen with Infiltrators and also cover them while the bruiser covers them?


A Tactician or Hacker prefer to stay out of the field and in a location with a laptop and headset, Tactician are good at Hacking and using electronic equipment. Some Tacticians go on the field but only use weapons such as Batons and Pistols.


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