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The history of the known reality of the humans, which is now ravaged by forces such as those of Xarikspace, and the history of the humans themselves, is split into three known eras. These eras are:

  • The Era before the Old Empire: Almost nothing is known of this era, most of it is shrouded in myth, superstition and legend. Some believe that there is a fourth era that existed before this, known as the Era of Prehistory, but this is a highly-disputed and unproven claim so far. A year in this era is marked with the acronym of BOE, which stands for "Before Old Empire"
  • The Era of the Old Empire: Although a large portion of information has also been lost and/or forgotten about this era. It is still better documented than the first one, however, and the rediscovery of relics, documents and other items from and concerning the Old Empire's time by human archaeologists and historians isn't unheard of, but isn't common either. A year in this era is marked with the acronym of DOE, which stands for "During Old Empire"
  • The post-fall Era: This is the present era. Also known as the Era of Xarikspace, it is a hellish era in which humanity and its reality is regularly plagued by alien threats, extradimensional or otherwise. The Xarikspace Legions are a particular one among these aliens. A year in this era is marked with the acronym of "ATF", which stands for "After The Fall"

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Before Old EmpireEdit

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After The FallEdit

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