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Kiryu Osume

Kiryu Usume

Kiryu Usume is princess and second child to the Ankiri Royal Family. The princess soon learned more of the outside world beyond her country and fallen in love with the leader, Talos Krayon who then founded a new Chenuan Empire.


She is noted for her flawless light skin, long soft brown hair running down to her upper back and dark brown eyes. Rumored to be the most beautiful woman in the Empire. Earning the name "Imperial Flower".


Unlike most of her family, she saw the war pointless and growing corruption within the Ankiri Empire and feared that if nothing were to resolve after centuries of creating civilization, remain neutral in the War and later sided with the revolutionary army. Despite having a status as high aristocracy Kiryu has shown to help commoners in need, believing in her late grandfather's words that a nation is nothing without the faith of its people and honoured, something which is almost uncommon to many nobles in the empire. She also has a common sense of humor, believing to be the best use to help people feel better.


Early lifeEdit

Kiryu was born eleven years prior to the Unification War, raised in the palace and studied the history of Ankiri and was eager to learn more about the world through her experience, but most of her tutors were ordered by her father not to allow her as it was for her "protection". When she was a teenager the princess grew more frustrated and despite having only went a few vacational places and islands. War broke out accross the planet and was locked inside the palace and unable to leave beyond the gardens until the war ends by some who qoute "Only Ankiri will emerge victorious in the war!". Forced to live in the palace grounds for a few years, unable to leave to visit places she wanted to go and others the princess once been as a child.

Unification of ChenuaEdit

Now as an adult teenager and discovered her father preparing to for war against the enemy nations, never visitng her and wanting to avoid being married to someone she knows little of. Kiryu had enough of the years of solitude and made plans to leave the palace and see more of her kingdom and the rest of Chenua.