This article, Kranzak Confederacy, is a part of the Harukhar universe created by OrkMarine.

The Kranzak Cofederacy
The insignia for the Kranzak Confederacy


280 years after the event




30,000 (estimated)

Home Region

The continent of Yegnar


Lord Marshall Radok

The Kranzak Confederacy is one of the major factions of post-apocalyptic Harukhar and the powerhouse of the Western continent. They are a union of 27 different city states unified under a single banner, the majority of their population live in the underground metro tunnels where they are sheilded from the harsh radition on the surface. They make use of large numbers of armoured units built from scraps pulled off the old trains left rusting in the Metro, their beleif is that only when unified can the world move forward which has lead to them conuqering and absoribing many other smaller factions and tribes.






While they rely on there vehicles, the Kranzak do maintain a sizable infantry force mainly for guarding the metro tunnels and scavenging on the surface. Armed with a variety of weaponry, the Kranzak mainly get their arms from Station 16 which served as an undeground military arms production facility before the Event. The Kranzak also make use of Penal Troops, these soldiers are the dregs of society and instead of being executed or thrown in prison they are given the cheapest weapons avaliable and sent to die in large numbers against the enemy.

  • Conscripts: The most common soldier seen in the Kranzak, conscripts are what most civilians end up as when they hit the age of 18 and are used as a general infantry force for the Kranzak. Poorly trained, and cheaply equipped conscripts make up for this with an almost fanatical beleif in the Lord Marshall due to the mindwashing propaganda and ideals they are infused with as a child.