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Mivan is a planet with an asteroid ring, located in the Akerov sector, orbiting around the parent star of the Fihaan system. Areas considered dangerous for human habitants were outposts for a penal colony to keep criminals who committed crimes against citizens of the Chenuan Empire from further escaping the area, and  suitable planet for a military outpost in orbit to train soldiers to face many dangerous threats.

Geographic FeaturesEdit

Most of the surface is a barren wasteland, dominated by vast regions of mountains but with pockects of forests and two large bodies of water.

Fuana and FloraEdit

The planet has some forms of organisms that evovled such as Mivanikarno that are considered one of the top predators located in the eastern regions.


The planet was discovered by the Chenuan Empire, some of the council members believe it could serve as a penal colony for criminals away from civilzation, moving the prison populations from Chenua to Mivan by the Emperor's command. 

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