This article, Paradise-4, is a part of the Paradise-iverse universe created by UndeadHero.

Vital statistics
System Paradise-Evo
Class Planet Class M
Atmosphere Nitrogen-63%


Trace Gases-6%

Terrain Varies
Inhabitance Humans
Number of Moons 3
Type Sun G2V
Climate BWh
Natural Disasters Duststorms


Natural Resources Ortanium
Number Fourth
Protected By United Supplies
Paradise-4 is a planet in the system, Paradise-Evo

Paradise-4 is a hostile world covered in decaying mining operations. Once considered a bountiful world full of the rare mineral, Ortanium, mining became too risky and expensive due to how small patches are and how scattered they are. 

Paradise-4 is also home to numerous factions, including United Supplies , Various gangs and thugs, and supposedly a powerful Criminal Underworld. There is only one "supercontinent" on Paradise-4, often called "Jayya" but holds no real name.

People of Paradise-4 are currently banned from visiting other planets under law by the United Human Expanse.


Jayya, often referred to as "The One Continent" is the only landmass seen on any map of the planet Paradise-4.


  • Hell, A local rest-stop between the cities of Balthazar and Gorgon.
  • Gorgon, A small city built from the decaying ruins of a massive mining platform named "Nova-7". It's law system is considered "the least corrupt".
  • Moxie, A large city. Known as "Sin", it supposedly is a key component to the Underworld as many deals and slave-auctions happen here.

Plum OceanEdit

The Plum Ocean, often referred to as "The Only Ocean" is the only body of water on Paradise-4, only covering a total of 44% of the planet's surface. It's water is considered harmful to human, though many cities along it's edges allow swimming and other activities such as fishing.