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City of Ravensburg
Victory Square


National capitol, Archduchy


Hand of the Emperor


1,3 million (greatest city in the Welt)

... a standing monument to all which the Empire represents. It`s massive walls, unbreakable, a million man at arms could attack it, a million would be repealed, it`s streets, clean, wast and filled with crowds of people, screams from aruging merchants and debating scholars echo through them, and the imperial palace... it is indeed the "greatest city in existance"

–Ser Jorhan Manteuffel, "Age of Legends: The Hunt"

The Ravenian capitol of Ravensburg is the by population and size the greatest city in the Welt (all tho, by sheer size, Sorom, the city of the dead, surpases it), thus earning it he title "greatest city in existance". The White and Black Highway, as well as the High, Sea and Friedrich`s Road link up in the city, giving it a key economical importance. It is located on the Robrech river, but it is not far from the sea. It takes one to two days to get there from Leovhaven, giving it access to wares from the south and Sileria.  Beside the economical and political importance, it holds some of the greatest educational centers in the Welt, incuding a mages collage and the alchemy guild. All tho it has holds many beauties, streets like the Low Row and Water Street are swarming with homless, sick and criminal personas.


The city of Ravensburg is ancient, used even as a hub trading city by the elves. During the rebellion it became the center of the Ravenian state. Through the years, the population grew and grew. The city need to expand, and it did. The old city wall was destroyed, and the city expanded even beyond the river. A new, higher and thicker wall was build, was well as the city sewers. Even with that, it was hard to maintained the further population boom that followed in the next centuries, thus, the archaitects of the city designed a new inhabitable unit: the flat. Buildings were built instead of houses, thus housing several families at once. The buildings of the city got higher each century to house more people. In 1073 the grand renovation was started and ended 40 years later. Starting with expading and enriching the Imperial Palace and the administrative district, it ended up giving most buildings a complete new style, making the city more beutiful that ever. It was at this time that the builders saw how crowded the streets were, thus, as the renovation of buidlings started, so did the building of the Sky Roads, high, yet thin and well secured bridges over the streets, linking up in high hub towers, which are the only way down. Even beyond the walls smaller villages started to grow. These villages, as well as all other villages and cities close to the city are regarded as part of the Archduchy of Ravensburg. Besides the wonders of the city, it has still it`s dark corners, filled with all kinds of shady people.