This page holds the converted format of Dr.V.Francis's journals from the time of AD 76,491 - AD 76,523. The format is text and will occasionally have images where drawings and depictions were made in the journals.

AD 76,491Edit

August 21, 18:00  |  Antarctic War Labs  |  Facility Sixteen  |  Sector Eight

I've just finished my work for the current shift. I'll be on break in fifteen minutes. They're a boring lot really. The people around my office that is. It's all work, and fair enough it is important, though there is no letting up with these people. Everything is by the book constantly. No smiles or anything. It's quite unnerving when I have to spend time with these people but thankfully my paperwork allows me to be stuck with myself for most hours at work. It also allows no-one to be suspicious of my journals. Anyway, I thought I may as well write something because I am starting a new journal here, the other ones I've placed in my bag.

I wish work could be more interesting. All day, every day, is just filling out forms for the people down below. They send out request forms for all sorts of things, I have to look up what we have on the database, then I allocate it to the address, then I send the form back with "Accepted" written on it. I don't know why they bother sending this stuff through me, we have much more than we need for everything. We even have shower curtains that nobody has ever asked about before. Quite frankly I think I'm the only one aware we have them. Anyway, better stop writing. Another form has just been posted. Will get back soon.