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This article, The Jafroks (Blue-Ground), is a part of the Blue-Ground, The New Tenants universe created by Kermiszk.

Chimera by m hugo-d39pwa3

Jafrok Warrior

The Jafroks are an insectoidile race, pulling the likes of beetles and praying mantises into their design.


The Jafroks are large and masculine, they have 6 pointed legs and two arms low down past the head, large claw-like hands act as weapons at the sacrifice of full grip. They also have a large pair of wings so they can gain 9 minutes of sustained flight. All of this adds up to make them a deadly force to be messing with. The Jafroks have developed a hard exoskeleton AND an inner skeleton so they are near indestructible to any hit. They're eyes are squishy and lead straight to the brain so they are not completely indestructible.

The shell or exoskeleton of the Jafroks can become any colour, it all depends on bloodline and their genes. This allows for some interesting looking Jafroks. Their blood is white and acidic and is often used in their medicines and foods.  



The Jafroks are deeply religious race, believing in a fierce deity Galahkarr who would come down to their planet Seii every one hundred years, bowing in his presence.