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Unification of Chenua

The Akini imperials launch an counter attack

The Unification of Chenua, also known as The Unification Wars were a decade series of conflicts fought over the dominance of Chenua between the three major powers of the planet: the Ankiri EmpireConfederate States of Karshen and the Holy Patarian Union. It was the during these campaingns that Talos Krayon, a descendant of the founding colonists first brought the other non-alligned forces to bring all great empires into submission and began his conquest of Chenua to unify the nations and late forged the foundation of the Chenuan Empire.


Prelude to War

Despite centuries of peace between the supernations that were decendants of the colonists, each of them have been determine to take out one another and claim more territories. Some of the smaller nations and those from the Empires who still remember the conflicts from their ancient homeworld grown to fear of the cylce repeating itself all over. It proved inevitable in the next century when the three empires went to war over the need to expand.  The noble families who founded the nations and descentants of those who brought their people to Chenua grew divided, determind to return to the stars their own way, some peaceful while others chose conflict in belief of control over the others to be strong through dictatorship and conqouest.

Invasion of AgreamEdit