War in Heaven

The War between the Angels and Demons

The War in Heaven was a great battle in the primordial times of the early creation of the universe. The Empyrean was fought over by the Monarchs who served faithfully to the divine creator, the eight monarchs were divided into groups; those such as Aerius, Ikatere, Hamadraeya remain loyal to God and faught alongisde with his angels to maintain the balance of existence. Those who turned against them were Arashi kōtei, Cherufe, Jotann, lead by the traitorous monarch of all, Vaatu who refused to bow to the mortal races and wanted to overthrow the Creator to remake the universe in his image through chaos, sin and disorder. Bringing many fallen angels and deities to his side wage war over the loyalists. He war lasted for so long that it split the heavens into several pieces, forever changing the heavens by their conflict but the rebellion was put to an end and the traitors were sealed away into their own domains but had greatly affected the mortal realm.

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