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The emblem of the Wraith Empire

The Wraith, a race of demons that have turned away from the light and a threat to all humanity in God's creation. Hard to believe they were ever like us in the times of the Great Exodus.

–A Chenuan knight

The Wraith Empire is one of the largest factions in the Novum Aurora Galaxy and most feared for their advanced technology and power related to the shadows. Dominated by the species known as the Wraith who sought to rule the galaxy and cleanse it of their 'lesser' sub-races, most of all Humans and regard themselves as the apex form of evolution. So far no one has ever known what the Wraith truly look like, according to the soldiers of the Chenuan Empire they are no longer human.


The Great ExodusEdit

Novum Aurura Colonisation

Colonisation builds up for the colony

Like the rest of the exodus fleet, the ancient colonists left Earth for a new start away from conflicts for salvation and discovered a mysterious gate construct to which many colony ships fled into to find a world of their own. Unlike most other ships, a few of them diverted to another path of which to make their own rather then joining the rest. Finding a suitable planet but were forced to make land on the planet's surface due to limited resources to sustain the crew. finding the area they landed on was filled with storms and some sort of energy storms that have completely blocked all communications from any nearby ships they could contact, the colonists were forced to survive the harsh environments by using the technology they have and built a colony for the inhabitants. Despite the limited chances of surviving they would not give up so easily as they have came this fare to make a new chapter of their people.

The Dark CrusadeEdit

Age of RebirthEdit


Shadow Emperor

The Shadow Emperor and the imperial council

The Wraith Empire has a strong believe in conquest over the weak and only allow the strongest to succeed, similiar ideals in the belief of darwinism.


The Wraith Empire carries a strong combination darwinism and religious belief that the Wraith civilzation are the divine evolutionary form above all of humanity through centuries of strength and survival. They view many of the subspecies of humans weak and unblessed, destined to be 'cleansed' from the universe (which in actual fact is genocide) for their ascension as a pure species to be fufilled.