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This article, Xarikspace Legions/Arsenal, is a part of the Xarikspace Fiction universe created by $17.


The Xarik-Radux are the undisputed lords, commanders and archmagi of Xarikspace.


Lesser Fiends

Lesser fiends are fiends that take up smaller, less powerful forms. Though not as powerful as other forms of fiends, an individual lesser fiend is still very dangerous and highly capable, with this danger being greatly magnified by their tendency to come in massive groups.

Medium Fiends

Medium fiends are higher in caliber and more powerful than lesser fiends. But still outmatched by the larger and stronger ones that they answer to. They are often about as large as human vehicles or bigger.

Greater Fiends

Greater fiends are amongst the largest and most powerful of ground-based fiends, sometimes they may even fly off into space (though there is a difference between greater and spaceborne fiends) and can take on small spacecraft. They may also have a size range that can reach to about as large as most small mountains.

Spaceborne Fiends

Spaceborne fiends are, as their name suggests, fiends that spend most of their time in the vacuum of space. They are still capable of operating in a planet's atmosphere, but rarely, if ever, spend any time on the ground. Although sometimes, a single spaceborne fiend may, in fact, be several lesser-greater fiends merged together only to split and land on a planetary surface to attack its inhabitants.